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    This is a Random Test Message to check and make sure that styling works on the front page *kicks Falcon*
  3. Greetings just a small update on season 2 for atlas we have moved ll power stones to their islands no more ghost ship or trenches for them the current locations on the map are not correct and we are working on fixing them but here are the locations A1 B1 C1 C2 A3 B3 C3
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    Season 2

    Ahoy my fellow Pirates it's time to set sail with the official launch of season 2 due to unforeseen reasons we had to cut season 1 short. Four Season 2 we are going to do things a little different. The first thing we did is we got rid of the improve settlements mod the reason we had to get rid of it is because the mod is currently buggy and lack of development. Another mod we got rid of was the figurehead mod the reason behind that was due to the mod size being almost 1 gig. in order to improve loading times we had to get rid of it. However there can still be some figureheads in the near future maybe in our own custom mod. Below are some of the mods we are going to keep. Atlas shipwright Pirate Crew Repair Rework Snapping shipyards Lanterns and torch Galore eco's RP decor Easier bosses Vanilla items++ . Below are some of the mods we are introducing in season 2 Market NPCs Better Smithy Pirate jukebox If you have any suggestions on mods that would make the game interesting or increase the way of life in the game please let us know on the Discord. PVP is another thing that's going to be affected in season 2. During season 2 we want to focus more on sea based combat so for that reason we are going to establish a new rule on season 2. This new rule will also promote RP however this rule will not apply to the four corners. So what are the four corners you asked? These girds are located on the four corners of the map this part of the map has no rules and is full PVP Mode consider these Lawless zones. When season 2 starts the Four Corners will already be in PvP mode the rest of the map will be in PVE mode and will remain this way for a certain amount of time. after time the map was slowly begin to switch over to PVP however the land rule will apply to all parts of the map that are not on the corners. If a company is found breaking this rule they will be punished depending on their actions. Again to promote RP these punishments can range from a hefty fine to dismantle of the company and if the user keeps breaking the rule it can lead to banishment. Players may freely built on the four corners of the map at their own discretion these four corners of the map have increased rates as well as points and taming speed. Freeport as well as Marine HQ will always be PvE. The Marines. Again to promote RP the Marines enforce the law on the server for such reason this is also an admin lead faction. Members of the Marines will not receive any items from the admins. admins are only here to enforce banishment and any other rules that need to be enforced. No admin is allowed to spawn any items in the game this is to ensure balance. Admin spawning items in will be immediately removed from Power. The Marines will also patrol the Seas for any pirate ship. If you are spotted by a marine ship they will fire a green flare this will indicate they are requesting for you to stop at which point you can fire a green flare to indicate you are complying then you must prepare for a marine inspection if you are found carrying any contraband or illegal items you will be fine. All fines can be paid at Marine HQ. Marine HQ. This is a special Island located in the middle of the map this island houses no animals and is the Marine Base. Users are not allowed to build here without permission from the Marines. Users may stop here to rest as well as to talk to any NPCs or set up a shop this Grid is strictly PVE and will always remain. All players from season 1 will get an additional 1000 Points From everybody here at last Nexus games May you have fun and be safe in your travels We hope you enjoy season 2 Again Welcome to season 2
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