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    I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a great New Year what that said there are some news about this website and how it's going to proceed in the following year. This website will now be used to host public and private Game Servers ran by last Nexus in the past my goal was to make a big community where players from all around the world could come and relax and have fun. unfortunately due to time and work I will no longer be able to focus that much on this website instead like I said before it's going to be used for small servers under LastNexus maybe sometime in the future when things settle down and time becomes available I could focus a lot more on this website for now my main focus will be on lastnexus.com and the project that it is working on while I have downscaled my resources I'm still in the possession of one dedicated server that is being used to run the game servers on the server currently we are running project zomboid this is a whitelisted server about the zombie apocalypse if you are interested in joining please send a message here so you can be added to the whitelist what that said any new server or game being hosted by us will have limited support for the first 4 months of the year if you are interested in helping or have a game in mind for us to host please reach out to me
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