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LN Taka

Up Coming Changes To Atlas

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With The player increase and the server now stable we are pushing some changes to the current season of atlas.

  1. Offline Protection will be removed in PVP Grids (Players must still make war to attack settlements in claimed islands. but the sea will become fair game)
  2. Introduction of flair signals (when a ship fires a specific flare it will signal something to the other ships More info below)
  3. Basic crafting such as bed and wood structures will be build able in the smithy 
  4. increase rates and points for the PVP Grids
  5. Introduction of The Marines (Official Law Enforcers of the server)
  6. C3 introduction of Marine HQ
  7. Decay time Reduce on freeports 
  8. Massive Sloop Cleanup on Freeports
  9. Fix Kraken Spawn 

These Changes will go in affect next Sunday Dec 22 2019




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