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LN Taka

Servers Online - Nexus Update Pushed

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Both Servers are now back online and the Sunday Changes have been applied there was a type on the last announcement where it said it would be on the 28 the actual day was the 22 but due to some unforeseen issues we had to postpone it till today so to see what has changed click on this announcement post on discord to see the list in a better way with proper format



Change Log Update 12/24/2019

  1. Introduction To The Nations (More Info Below)
  2. Resource Farm Production Yield Lowered
  3. All Grids Now Show if they are PvP or PvE
  4. Ships Taking part in RP Must Respect The Flares
  5. Marine HQ Created at C3 Now Named Marine HQ
  6. Kraken Spawned Has Been Fixed
  7. PVP Issues With Free-ports Fixed
  8. Removed Some crafting from ship shopfront
  9. Offline Protection Removed Allowing Inactive Tribes to be removed from both pvp and pve
  10. increased Rates for PVP 
  11. Increased Points For PVP
  12. Increased Yield From farms in PVP to 1.5 Times the normal on pvp (still lower then what it was set to  before)
  13. Boat Clean Up To Happen on the 28th So moved them out of the free-ports

Alright now that we got that list out of the way allow me to Introduce the Nation System this system is basically to push RP if your not taking part in the Rp then you dont really need to worry to much about it.
so what is the nation system?

The Nation System is a group of regions that have been converted into a Faction.  When a player joins a Nation they will receive a bonus (not yet implemented) depending on the Nation they join. once a player join that nation they must fly the nations flag somewhere visible on the ship this could be on the sails or front back of the ship as long as its visible.


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